Scratch Cards: the 3 Most Incredible Winners’ Stories

We always tend to think that good surprises only happen to others. However, the odds can also work in our favour and as a player, it is important to be fully aware of this. They didn’t believe in it and yet these 3 players managed to win very nice prizes in the scratch games. We come back for you on these 3 unusual stories which are enough to make you dream.

1 “Never Two Without Three”, Really?

It was a day like so many others. On this morning in July 2014, this future winner who doesn’t know himself decides, as usual, to go to his tobacconist’s to buy the Cash and Millionnaire scratch cards. After trying his luck on both games, the tickets, unfortunately, turn out to be losers.

However, Poitevin’s instinct led him to try his luck a third time a few hours later with a new Millionnaire ticket. The third attempt was the right one! The player won the record sum of $1,000,000.

2. The Magic of Christmas

Whether you love Christmas or hate it, this is a story that will make you dream. In December 2017, in the middle of Christmas shopping, a woman from the Ain region decided to take a well-deserved break from the newsagent to buy a Millionaire.

As soon as she got back to her car, she decided to discover her winnings before she had finished her shopping. In a split second, she becomes a millionaire. Disconcerted by this wonderful surprise, the lucky winner decides to postpone her purchases and go straight home to celebrate this incredible news with her husband.

Scratch Card in human hands

3. Winning Shot at the First Attempt

In November 2016, La Française des Jeux launched a brand new scratch card: the Méga Mots Croisés. The problem was that these new scratch cards sold for $10 each. A much higher price than most of the games…

This high price almost discouraged a worker from Casson, in Loire-Atlantique. He came to drink his morning coffee in a local bar-tabac and hesitated to try his luck with the new scratch card game.

Finally, he let himself be tempted. And fortunately! After a few seconds of suspense, the lucky man discovers an incredible prize of $6,000,000. This story caused quite a stir in this small town, especially since it was the very first Méga Mots Croisés scratch card game ever sold in this bar-tabac.