Qualities Required to be a Good Croupier

The casino dealer is a fascinating and somewhat unusual job. He or she must be reliable, discreet, but also firm. It is an essential function in casinos, which are spread worldwide: opportunities for travel career development. But what are the essential qualities to make a good dealer?

The technical skills you need

As more and more gaming rooms open and the number of people at the poker tables grows, the croupier is de facto more and more sought after. The job is primarily based on the technical skills necessary to move into the gaming and casino environment without difficulty.

Mastery of the gaming environment and jargon

A croupier must master all aspects of the game he/she is running. For example, you need to know the card combinations and who is winning and who is losing without showing any emotion.

To do this, he must know his working tools (shoe, rack, cards, and table) and know every inch of them. He must, of course, know how to speak the right language, depending on the game, with as much precision as possible.

Knowing the current bonuses available at the casino, even online, is another advantage: it’s the ability to highlight the promotional offers of the gaming venue.

Numeracy and maths skills

This is one of the essential skills: nothing is more annoying than a dealer taking out his calculator. Not only does it slow down the game, but it makes the casino look bad.

Therefore, a dealer should be quick-witted and good at math, at least for basic calculations. It is rare to have to do complex calculations, but a dealer has to be able to handle several things at once in his mind: who is winning, what bet is in play, which it will be delivered to.

Versatility: agility, accuracy, observation 

In all respects, the croupier must show versatility, particularly through his agility (in managing the cards or chips of the game), his precision (in his vocabulary, his way of explaining to customers), and his sense of observation (he must also be on the lookout for dishonest players, check his seating plan, and have an eye on the surroundings).

Being a croupier is complex, but it can be learned! On the other hand, some people and soft skills can make a difference.

Human and soft skills

Even if you can, in principle, learn any profession, not everyone can claim to be a good croupier unless they have these human qualities.

smiling croupier

Patience and time

Calmness, patience, and understanding are the keys to doing a good job. A dealer who tends to get angry or loses his temper will annoy the customers.

A croupier must act as a catalyst: pleasant with customers, but at the same time know how to make himself respected and firmly enforce the game.

Excellent interpersonal and presentation skills

It is quite rare for a dealer to be a completely jovial, smiling person. Concentration is required, but that’s what this job is all about: representing the values of the casino that employs them.

Therefore, a good croupier must be discreet, attentive, and pleasant without being accessible. This is a difficult balance to strike and one that you learn to achieve over time!

Good animation skills

Finally, the croupier is also an entertainer: sometimes a joker, sometimes an intellectual, he must adapt to his audience to “set the mood”, while continuing to control the game. The subtlety lies in his ability to create a friendly atmosphere without losing the reins!

To become a good croupier, you also need to be aware of the opposites, particularly in terms of working hours and the pace of life. That said, many training courses worldwide allow you to learn this fascinating profession in full professional immersion.