The 3 Craziest Stories From the World of Gambling

There are many stories in the world of online gambling. From astronomical jackpots to the unbelievable fates of multiple winners, to win with just a few pennies, there’s plenty to keep you entertained. Today, we’ve put together the three most unusual stories from the world of gambling. Get ready to be impressed!

#3 African Nations Cup Brings Bad Luck to a Student

Back in 2010 at the African Nations Cup – a football competition – a British student was quietly watching the game between Mali and Angola.

11 minutes before the end of the match, Angola was leading 4-0. The young man took the risk of betting his entire student loan ($4,400) on Angola’s victory. Believe it or not, Mali managed to equalize before the end of the match. The student who thought he was building up his bank account ended up emptying it!

chips on blackjack table

#2 FexdEX’s Double or Nothing: Win All or Lose All at the Casino

2016: $50.365 billion in profit and a global company at its peak, the dream did not survive the crisis. Over the next year, FedEx lost $1 million every month.

So Frederick W. Smith, the firm’s director, confided that he had gambled with his company’s future in these lean times: desperate and on the verge of collapse, Mr. Smith withdrew the last $5,000 in the company’s account. With the sword of Damocles hanging over his head, he decided to bet it all at the casino. The result: a win of $32,000 – a great way to get back on track!

#1 Ashish Nanak, the Little Tornado of Online Poker

It was in 2010 that Ashish Nanak, an 8-year-old Pakistani gambler, made history. The story goes that the young boy came across his uncle’s online poker account. The boy, unlike most children, would have done, did not empty his uncle’s gambling account but managed to win an incredible 22,912,500 rupees, or $500,000! However, bad luck, as the management of the online casino refused to pay the winnings after investigation as the player was a minor. What a shame!