Casino Review Topfree Tera has assembled a team of professionals with the skills required to achieve our vision. This team of specialists includes experts in the world of online gambling. Most of them are former casino players. Thanks to their know-how and experience, our team guarantees you highly relevant content, is 100% reliable and is likely to meet all your information needs on online casinos.

Surfing on the availability of the internet, the world of iGaming is in constant evolution. Every year, new companies emerge, reinforcing an already too acute competition. Canadian players are not spared by this phenomenon, as virtual casinos number in the hundreds. While this situation is clearly an obstacle to the success of gaming rooms, it is no less problematic for gamers looking for a dazzling experience.

The Casino Review Topfree Tera team’s motivation and conviction are to accompany all gamblers in their search for a competitive casino in terms of the quality of its offerings and its reliability

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What we do

As mentioned above, our overall objective in setting up tera.ca, is to provide all internet users with access to good quality entertainment. To this end, we not only provide them with a catalogue of online casinos renowned for their reliability and the exceptional quality of their offerings, but also with high-quality casino game guides, useful tips, and information for online gambling, overviews of new features that are constantly emerging due to technological advances. We conduct a thorough evaluation of each of the gaming establishments listed on our site beforehand. We ensure that the information we publish on the site is unassailable. To this end, our casino rankings are updated regularly. So don’t be surprised if, over the years, you notice a shift in the pre-established hierarchy.

Furthermore, what we do is not limited to reviewing and comparing online casinos. We advise players on how to enhance their gaming experience.

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The tera.ca platform has a brilliant design. The navigation is remarkably fluid. The site supports online gambling lovers in various ways in terms of services.

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At tera.ca, you will find a multitude of online casino reviews. These are the results of careful reviews of a variety of gaming establishments. Our reviews have many subheadings, including the site’s game library, design, software providers, payment methods, bonuses and promotions, and customer service. They contain comprehensive information obtained from the source; hence their credibility.


Finally, as part of our vision, apart from the reviews and rankings of the best online casinos, we provide the betting public with relevant guides to a fulfilling gambling career. These guides are designed to provide you with the tools to play your favourite games (roulette, blackjack, etc). This includes choosing a casino, mastering the rules of the games, and the various strategies involved.