These pages are dedicated to breastfeeding women everywhere. They provide what is needed in the start of life. Breastfeeding is a very important act in nurturing children, and often a highlight in the life and memory of women, as the photos below suggest.

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Here we present the twelfth page of photos banned from the social utility Facebook, as well as a few that haven't been. With several hundred million users, Facebook still removes from its pages photographs of women breastfeeding, despite complaints about that practice.

Facebook claimed that breastfeeding photos violated its terms of service if they showed "an entire breast." Eventually it dropped the vagueness and the euphemism and claimed that all photos with a visible nipple or areola were "obscene," "pornographic," or "sexually explicit." This claim by Facebook is at odds with legislation, case law, and actual practice throughout the USA. In addition, breastfeeding itself is allowed in public, exposed breasts or not, in almost all states in the country. By its attitude and action, Facebook is wrong. It demeans and stigmatizes women and breastfeeding.

In May 2009, the same Facebook spokesperson responsible for the above claims said that Facebook removes only a small number of photos of naked women breastfeeding. That would be funny if it weren't so ignorant. Facebook also claims that images of breasts harm children. That's absurd. Facebook wrongly uses children as an excuse for its immaturity and errors.

Facebook is undoubtedly a great utility, both useful and fun. Its worldwide acceptance on the Internet confers upon it a responsibility to do better.

The protest against Facebook's removal of many breastfeeding photos isn't really about legality. It's not even about rights. It's about what is right.

Number of photos in this collection: 416. Of those, 400 have been banned, some more than once. The few others are here for comparison. Comments from the photos' owners are often illuminating. Note that many thousands more photos have been banned than we have collected.

In recent times, whole accounts have been removed by Facebook over one beautiful, important, helpful, legal photo. Facebook also uses inappropriate skin-recognition software to present targeted users with many randomly chosen photos of theirs to delete on threat of losing their account. Unlike comparable sites, Facebook has appointed itself the world's moralistic photo vigilante, deploying these and similar tactics well known from large tyrannical European states of the 20th century. Its ignorant, crass, inexcusable censorship, which it attempts to justify with glib spin that is false in every detail, also indirectly supports the USA's longstanding dehumanizing manipulation of women's bodies and its high rate of violence against them.

Our NON-DISCLAIMER re photos

Many sites would carry a warning: Keep away if you're under 18! NSFW!

We don't believe in that. Women's breasts in photos like these bother no one except those who have unfortunately been trained to be embarrassed by them or to control them when they have no right to.

We posted most of the photos at the same height. We acknowledge that some appeared on Facebook bigger, and a few smaller. The effect a photo has depends on size, among other things. Also, we cannot guarantee how things like colour or contrast appear, because they depend on individual monitors.

Photographs on this site are not to be reproduced in any location or in any medium or format without the prior consent of the owner of the photograph, except as permitted by law. Neither TERA nor its proprietors, members, or site host assumes any responsibility for what is posted, with which they may or may not agree. Comments may have been edited for clarity or legal reasons.

FB367.jpg FB368.jpg

Photos from Jennifer Gillett, banned on January 9, 2012 (above, left), and in November 2010 and August 2011 (above, right).

Fb369.jpg FB370.jpg

Banned January 12, 2012. These photos are from Jacqui Gruttadauria.
She explains eloquently what these and other banned photos mean to her,
in view of Facebook's unjust actions against her, which went well beyond the
already senseless removal of her photos.

FB371.jpg Photo from Daleen Bybee

Banned January 17, 2012, from Daleen Bybee's fan page that's used to encourage breastfeeding mothers to support each other in a peer support group setting.

FB372.jpg Photo from Morgan Gallagher

Banned on an unknown date from Morgan Gallagher, one of the best-known lactivist bloggers, along with many other images, a few of which we have in this collection. On January 17, 2012, her account was removed.


Banned about January 18, 2012 from the page of Tree-Hugging Dirt Worshipper. That page was removed for several days. This image, widely available on the Internet for some months, was in the Italian edition of Elle in May 2011.

FB374.jpg Photo from Michael Trowbridge

Banned about January 12, 2012

FB375.jpg Photo from Meagan Genovese

Banned on January 19, 2012, after Meagan posted a link to where this and another photo are found on her blog. (The blog acronym MILF
stands for Mother Into Living Fair.) Meagan writes:

"I am a proud breastfeeding mother and take great offence to this treatment, but mostly it makes me feel so sad and overwhelmed by how wrong
Western society has it and how far we still have to go to gain respect from this male-dominated over-sexed society."

FB377.jpg FB378.jpg

These two images, which have circulated widely on the Internet for a long time, were banned from several accounts
in the last third of January 2012 and other times.

FB379.jpg Photo from Nicole Miller

Banned January 10, 2012, along with Nicole's entire Facebook account.

We don't usually note Facebook's account removals, which are common, nor its equally common police-state tactic of presenting users with dozens of their "suspect" photos that they must get rid of or risk losing their account permanently. Those marked photos are sniffed out by incompetent skin-detection software in an operation that may be described only as colossal intimidation via arrogant stupidity.

FB380.jpg Photo from Desirae Dubisky

Banned January 25, 2012

This photo is by the children's photographer Jeanita Kennedy, of (like it says) My Lil Britches Photography.

FB381.jpg FB382.jpg FB383.jpg FB385.jpg
FB384.jpg FB387,jpg

The above eight photos were banned from Beautiful Breastfeeding's page in the week before November 24, 2011, and its administrator (Cherie
Raymond) was banned and threatened with permanent dismissal. Her wide-ranging off-Facebook page, "sharing the intrigue and admiration
of breastfeeding," is here.

FB389.jpg Photo from Rashel Tremblay

Banned on January 10, 2012, when, with no prior notice, Rashel's account was removed.

FB390.jpg Photo from Nora Walhelm

Banned January 23, 2012

FB391.jpg Photo from Jennifer Browning

Banned in the last third of January 2012

FB392.jpg Photo from Caz Adam

Banned in November 2010

FB393.jpg Photo from Jillian Whitman

Banned on January 31, 2012. Jillian is a professional photographer. She discusses losing her entire Facebook account over this photo here.

FB396.jpg FB394.jpg FB395.jpg
FB397.jpg FB398.jpg FB399.jpg

The above six photos (and one more banned in November 2011) were banned from the page of Beautiful Breastfeeding in the month or so
preceding the removal of her account on February 1, 2012. Her wonderful blog on the subject is here.

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